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We are a friendly and relevant church
EVERY SUNDA AT 10:30 (English translation provided)
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How do you imagine church?

We truly care about how you feel about this, because that is exactly why we decided to start CityHouse church in 2017. Our goal is to build a church for people who do not like church. We see church as a place where people feel like they are home.
As a place where everybody is respected and accepted. As a place that puts away religious barriers instead of creating them. We see it as a place that has a positive impact on a city of which it is a part of. As a place where it is not hard to find a relationship with God, if you are truly seeking. This is our dream about church. CityHouse is about people, and so we care also about you. We would be honored if we are able to contribute to your faith journey in any way.

Michal a Kamila Apetauerovi

CityHouse Brno leaders

 Our vision is to change people's mindsets about God and church

through building a healthy and influential church based on biblical values and the person of Jesus Christ, operating in the heart of Brno, reaching secular urban society and teaching people to grow, lead and influence in every area of life.

Meet our team

Michal Apetauer

Senior leader

Chenza Jan Šeda

CityKids, HouseTalks

Jakub Peša


Vlastík Brůža

Core team

Kamila Apetauer

CityHouse Music

Martin Babák

Volunteer service

Ondřej Vik

Creative team

Do you want to know more about what we do?


Café Práh 

Ve Vaňkovce 1, Brno


Contact us

+420 703 437 994

Ve Vaňkovce 1,

602 00, Brno

24002019 / 2010



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